Christina Tsangouri

software developer, researcher and life-long learner 😀

I'm a recent graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. I'm passionate about software engineering, computer vision, and particularly in applications in assistive and health tech.

I have launched 3 iOS apps on the App Store, developed a myriad more prototypes & demo apps in Android & iOS, web apps, co-authored 5 journal and conference publications, and co-founded a startup whose product was a ML-based face expression game for children with autism.


Podcast Recommender

Topic based aspiration + preference learning web app and podcast recommender

Preference Learner

Tag based topic modeling + preference learner (web app) for news and podcasts


Extension of ResearchKit (iOS) + ResearchStack (Android) open source SDKs


Suite of 7 mHealth apps for mHealth clinical trial on the managemnt of chronic lower back pain


Machine learning based Android & iOS expression reciprocity teaching app for children with autism


Hybrid BLE-SLAM based, indoor localization and navigation software for Android


Robotic white cane + Android app for indoor localization, navigation and obstacle avoidance


Real-time face and expression recognition apps (Android + iOS) for the visually impaired

AVA BackPain

ResearchSuite based assessment for patients with lower back pain, iOS + Android


ResearchSuite based assessment to capture medication utilization, iOS + Android


ResearchSuite based one-touch assessment of mood and emotional state, iOS + Android

AVA Ballet

ResearchSuite based assessment for patients with dance injuries, iOS + Android

ResearchSuite Geofencing

ResearchSuite based passive location/geofence tracking


Cross-platform music player and audio visualizer software (built using QT and OpenGL)

Journal Articles

A Recursive Framework for Expression Recognition: From Web Images to Deep Models to Game Dataset

Li,W., C. Tsangouri, F. Abtahi and Z. Zhu. In Machine Vision Applications, 2018

A Hybrid Indoor Positioning System for the Blind and Visually Impaired Using Bluetooth and Google Tango

Nair,V., C.Tsangouri, and B.Xiao et al In Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities, 2018

Conference Proceedings

Understanding User Interactions with Podcast Recommendations Delivered Via Voice

Yang, L., M. Sobolev, C. Tsangouri, and D. Estrin. To appear in Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, (RecSys'18), Vancouver, Canada, 2018

CCNY SmartCane

Chen,Q., M.Khan, C.Tsangouri, C. Yang, B. Li, J. Xiao, and Z. Zhu. In Proceedings of the Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems, (CYBER), Hawaii, USA, 2017

An Interactive Facial-Expression Training Platform for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tsangouri, C., W. Li, Z. Zhu, F. Abtahi, and T. Ro. In Proceedings of IEEE MIT URTC Conference, Cambridge, USA, 2016

Towards an "In-The-Wild" Emotion Dataset using a Game-based Framework

Li,W., F.Abtahi, and C.Tsangouri and Z. Zhu. In Proceedings of Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Affect in the Wild Workshop (CVPR), 2016

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